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You’ve Probably Never Heard of, Remediation of Contaminated Land Tax Relief…

But if you have had to spend any money cleaning up contamination left behind by another business (Or even nature, like clearing away Japanese Knotweed) you could claim that expense back. Call us and find out if you have a claim. We’ll give you all the information you need, jargon free and get your claim jump-started.

High Tax Relief, Going Unclaimed

This is another great tax relief incentive most land and commercial property owners (And some lease holders) have never heard of.

Let alone submitted a claim.

But if you have incurred costs having to clean up contamination left behind by other people or businesses, you could be in with a shout of some further healthy tax relief.
Or, if the land or property was barren and derelict when you took it over and you breathed new life into it, you could have grounds for a claim.

Or if nature had moved in with some of its very own unique contamination before you did, you could also be able to claim for cleaning that up too.

Can You Claim?

Like most government tax relief incentives, this is also ambiguous highly complicated and needs somebody who knows the claim process qualifications and procedures. Here are just a few general indicators you could have a right to claim.

  • You are a land or commercial property owner
  • You are a land or commercial property lease holder with at least 7 years granted, or 7 years left to run

And you have incurred costs by improving the environment through;

  • Removing dangerous and harmful contaminants like asbestos, fuel
  • Getting rid of that natural scourge, Japanese Knotweed or eliminating the radioactive gas, radon
  • Bringing derelict land or property back to life

In these cases you would have been making the land (or area) healthier and safer for both humans and animals and therefore positively helping the environment.
This is why, in layman’s terms, the government introduced the Remediation of Contaminated Land Tax Relief.

You can read a couple of case studies here for further insight.

Expert help & clarification

If you think there is even the slightest probability that you could have a claim, then we are at hand to help you with expert, jargon free clarification.

Just give us a call and we can help you determine if you can claim and what the next steps are. As with all our services, the whole process is on a No Win, No Fee basis so you have absolutely nothing to lose and much to gain by speaking to one of our team.

If you do have a claim to make, we’ll let you know immediately and then be by your side to do all the complicated process for you. That way, like all our claims for our clients, you can be rest assured your claim will be fully maximized.

What’s next?

Alternatively, if you have one of those minds that would simply like to get your costs incurred from the Remediation of Contaminated Land Tax Relief, then please call us on 0800 050 2626 today. Or you can schedule an appointment for a call back using our calendar below, where one of our friendly team will let you know if you qualify.

Of course, if you wish to do both, read more and get an immediate answer if you can get additional tax relief, you are welcome to do so.