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We Don't Just Find Everything in Your R&D Claim. We Maximise It.

Average claim 20/21: £57,000

Fully indemnified. Zero cost to you for our services.

Discover if your business qualifies by taking our free and quick questionnaire.

Research & Development Tax Credits – What Are They?

In a nutshell, Research & Development tax credits are a way the government reimburses businesses for any type of development endeavour they carry out.
So if your company has spent any money developing new products, processes or services; or enhancing existing ones, you could be eligible for either a cash payment or corporation tax reduction.

You can still claim whether any of those projects were profitable, non-profit making or even if they failed. It costs you nothing to discover if your business is eligible to make a claim.

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Naturally, with pbs there is no obligation.

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Now, more than ever, is the perfect time to get your claim in

  • Our average claim for our clients is currently £57,000
  • Your business could be eligible for similar amounts or more
  • Claims can take just 6 to 8 weeks through PBS and our team of expert claim specialists
  • “No Claim, No Fee” so no upfront costs

With thousands of UK Ltd companies still reeling from the cash flow crisis caused by COVID-19, now is the perfect time to make the smart move and get us to help you maximize your R&D claim.

There is a record amount of tax relief and rebates this year for all UK Ltd companies who qualify.

Remember, this is not a loan; Research & Development tax credits are an annual revenue paid to you by HMRC, rewarding your past and current innovation and encouraging more.

Your company could be entitled to similar sums either as a cash rebate direct into your account, tax relief or a combination of both.

Your Next Move

If you qualified, the next step would be to talk to us. In just 15 minutes we will be able to give you an instant decision if you can take your claim further.
Plus, we will be able to give you an approximate amount of what you are entitled to.
Call our hotline now on 0800 050 2626 or alternatively, book an appointment for a convenient time we can contact you or your chief financial officer.

Get the specialist help and be a company renowned for its innovation

One of the major reasons 89% of eligible UK ltd companies do not claim what is rightfully theirs is because what falls under ‘Research and Development is a myriad of things.

That’s where the complexity stumps the majority of even the most financially astute CEO’s, founders and their financial directors.

They dig a little into R&D, find the qualifying criteria understandably mind-boggling, and then give up on their pursuit of what is rightfully theirs.
It requires specialist auditors with specific training to make a successful claim on your behalf and of course, to maximize that claim.

Why You Should Claim Your R&D

Apart from the cash injection or tax relief into your business, the government have increased R&D funding to put British business at the forefront of innovation.

That means your business could be one of them. We believe that all Ltd companies should be claiming because;

  • It drives continued growth and profits
  • It encourages further innovation and places UK companies at the forefront of leading world businesses
  • It contributes to a healthy economy therefore opening more opportunities for all

I looked into R&D tax credits a few years ago but found it so confusing I just gave up. Then fortunately, I was recommended to PBS. They took away all the jargon and then paired me with a specialist who knew my business inside and out. Lo and behold, I received £54,000 as a cash rebate for my previous years innovation (I didn’t know I had innovated) ! This year, they have found me another £18,000!

Anthony White, Co-Founder - Ding

By Your Side

4 Hours Over 6 to 8 Weeks

Once you have discovered that you can claim and have a clearer understanding of the size and amount of your claim, the whole process takes just 4 hours spread out over about 6 to 8 weeks.

The Quick Time Client Cycle

Here is the simple R&D client cycle. Remember, along with the UK’s leading specialist auditors, we get rid of all the government’s off-putting jargon and take away all the complexity for you.
Not only that, we are by your side through this and each and every subsequent claim, year after year.

These companies made the smarter move – Their claims ranged from £22,000 up to a profit making £354,000

Now, more than ever, is the time to make the right move

Arrange your free 15 minute call with one of our team members today, call us on 0800 050 2626. Alternatively, lock in your call online, at a time that suits you best.
We have 15-minute slots available throughout Monday to Friday and from 10am to 8pm:

Be Like Hundreds of Other CEO’s, Founders and Financial Directors

Having worked with hundreds of discerning CEO’s and founders of companies of all shapes and sizes, we understand why they hadn’t claimed.

Like you, they simply didn’t realise what fell under the term, Research and Development when applied to their business activity. Once they became aware, they used their financial astuteness, contacted us and made their claim. It was a no brainer. Now, like them, you can do the same and in doing so, help us reduce the tragic number of UK companies who are not claiming. Make that smarter move today. It makes perfect sense and as you now know, it really is a no brainer.

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What are the costs involved to find out if I have a claim?

Absolutely zero. Along with our partners, we work on a strictly, no claim, no fee basis. To see if you qualify will cost you zero, upfront fees.

If I have a claim, when can I expect payout?

The usual time frame is 6 to 12 weeks for any cash rebate to hit your bank. However, this can be much faster if the information requested from our technical team is returned promptly.

How much can I expect back?

This will depend on multiple factors. Our technical experts can give you an approximation on your free call (if you qualify). Our average claim is currently £57,000 but yours could be much more.

I have spent money on developing some processes/services/systems for my business, but I am not sure if I qualify, what shall I do?

We would strongly suggest you book a free call with one of our technical experts who can tell you within 15-miutes if you have a claim.

My business spent a substantial sum developing a new product that failed, could I still have a claim?

Absolutely! R&D tax rebates are the government’s way of rewarding businesses for their innovation and to encourage more. It doesn’t matter if your project was successful or not you could still have a claim.

We spent money upgrading our existing services can we still claim?

Yes. R&D covers money spent on upgrading existing products, services or processes

How much work is involved?

We do 98% of the hard work for you. Your financial director or accountant may spend about 3 to 4-hours, spread over 6 to 8 weeks, simply providing info. With £57,000 being the average claim, this time is well worth the small effort on their part.

Can I get my accountant to do my claim?

Yes you can. However, claiming R&D is a complex process that requires specialist knowledge, which is usually outside of most accountants’ remit. Plus, you will need to be fully indemnified with HMRC as mistakes with an R&D claim can have serious repercussion’s on your business.

I’m already in the process of claiming R&D tax credits, should I still speak to you?

Yes, because our experts are renowned for maximizing claims. There are many instances whereby companies have been told they would get x amount by their provider and we found them a significantly higher, y amount.

I’m unsure my business has a claim, what shall I do?

Many company owners are left scratching their head when they look into R&D because of the complexity. If you think you might have a claim why not use our free 15-minute callback service? Please complete our free 2-minute assessment at the top of this page.