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Little Known Tax Rebates, Big Payouts

Here are 4 of the top tax rebates that 89% of UK companies have been missing out on.

Why? Because they are so complex, so confusing that they require specialists in specific areas to put in a successful claim (Most of those clever accountants shy away from these).

We remove that confusion, find what you can claim and with our specialized team behind you, maximize any claim you are entitled to.

Research & Development – Money in Your Products, Processes & Services

The biggest tragedy here is the amount of eligible UK ltd companies that can claim – don’t. Use our quick assessment tool and instantly discover if you can claim

Capital Allowances – Money in Your Commercial Property

Billions Waiting to be Claimed. Experts say there is £65 to £75 billion in unclaimed tax relief sitting in 1.4 million commercial properties in the UK. Ranging from Fish and Chip shops to Golf Clubs. How much is going unclaimed in your commercial property?

Patent Box – Money in Your Patents

Developed any patents? You could have a claim

Remediation of Contaminated Land – Money in Your Land

Have you bought or leased land and had to clean up contamination left behind by another business? You could have a claim.

Scratching Your Head? Unsure if You Qualify? We’re Here to Help. Call us or request a call back

There is no obligation when you speak to us and this service is completely free.

Should you be eligible for a claim, our team of specialist experts will be in touch with you. The whole process is based on a no claim, no fee basis so you have everything to gain by calling us or contacting us