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PBS isn’t just a tax specialist partner, they are your guide to launching your business and delivering your valuable tax rebates all in one call.

CEO Jon Lee has spent the best part of 30 years working in and around the UK hospitality industry with some of its leading players.

Working with both wholesalers and brand owners like Halewood International, Carlsberg, Tavern wholesale, Beer Cellar, and Unitas. Jon’s understanding of this sector, connections within and desire to help new businesses who may have created a brilliant brand and want to take it to market, but aren’t ready yet to take advantage of some very lucrative areas of both tax claim and investment means that this maybe a perfect fit for you.

Jon also sits on the board as CEO of a new and upcoming  business called Ding Innovation who are operating in hospitality. Ding have already been through the start up and development stage of their growth plan.

This agreement between our companies includes valuable real time information on things like;

  • Lawyers and what/why you need to have them at hand
  • Business lending for the newcomer
  • Growing your business on steel foundations
  • Patents
  • Patent Box
  • R&D Tax Credits
  • IP
  • Copyright
  • Working with a nationwide wholesale network
  • Website builds
  • Content
  • Investment rounds
  • Launching a brand successfully into the hospitality sector
  • Building an introducer network

PBS offer a key to quite an amazing door that can get you the cutting-edge advice you need right now and help with making the right moves at the right time.

We understand the timings involved behind claiming tax credits and offer you a way of securing a no win no fee introduction to the UK’s leading provider at a group rate reserved specially for the hospitality clients PBS look after.

For a small monthly retainer fee of £29.99 per month (or £299 per year as a one-off payment) PBS will give you ongoing help and advice as well as introductions to retailers and wholesalers in there expansive network, allowing you to promote your product to key national brands.

You will also get help and advice regarding all of the listed areas above and much more, something our CEO identified was lacking when visiting trade shows and talking with new businesses just like yourselves who had committed large amounts on initial set up and trade shows, but didn’t necessarily have the right growth partner.

And here is the real bonus. Your £29.99 is refundable, yes, fully refundable, when you have your first tax claim delivered via our key partners Catax at the PBS introductory rate*.

Sign up for our amazing program or find out more about the help we offer and how we can give you a complete refund of your monthly subscription fee

*Refund is given on completion of the claim and payment of the claim fee at the introductory rate